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“Not because it’s easy,
  but because it’s human!”

Remember that time you walked into your favorite boutique, and the owner greeted you by saying, “People who viewed our hats also viewed our shoes!”


Remember how, last week, when you stopped by for the same cup of coffee you get everyday at your local coffee shop, the woman behind the counter reminded you to “try our new Orange Pekoe Tea, it’s got an average review of 4½ stars!”


Yeah, that’s never happened to us either. And frankly, we think it’s kind of weird that it happens at all, even online.


Commerce is, at its heart, a profoundly human activity. And that led us to ask: why has all the humanity been stripped out?


And that’s how we came up with Fwd Vü,  and bringing a human connection back to commerce by focusing on consumers’ committed needs.


Fwd Vü lets you make future financial commitments to any retailer — anywhere!  Imagine, having the power to go “beyond the like!”  It’s the first true “bonding” platform of the mobile age, bringing out the best in people.


We think this is a pretty big deal.  Merchants and consumers gain a radar-like view into their financial futures, while creating the world’s most authentic marketplace – backed by commitments.


So, that’s why we’re building the first collaborative commerce platform.  We invite you to change the nature of the commerce with us.  One commitment at a time.




Fwd Vü Team



Build forward-looking relationships with your customers who are committed to spending with you.

See the future of your business’ sales through customers’ “pre-paid” or “paid-as-they-go” commitments.


Build long-term relationships with your regular customers that don’t rely on unsustainable deals, and reward your most loyal customers with exclusive offerings.


Bring in new customers by showcasing what commitment will bring them: an inside view of your business and a role in helping it to thrive.


Hear from new customers who are looking for you.

Forget expensive, ineffective mass marketing and unsustainable deals, and offer customers who are excited to do business with you a truly rewarding way to do that.


Work with other merchants to create new offerings that work well for you and your customers.


View financial projections backed by credible forward-looking commitments.


Collaborate with your customers and grow them into committed regulars.

Can you tell the future?


How it works. It’s easy…

1st pick any merchant in the US (for now)

2nd enter the amount you expect to spend over a specific time

3rd decide what you want to request in return for making the commitment — including exclusive offers, contributions to your preferred non-profit, discounts, or recognition for your backing.


Make forward-looking financial commitments to any retailer — anywhere!


You benefit by receiving the goods or services you want at a price available only through Fwd Vü.


Do good by your network of favorite businesses—commit upfront to the spending you already plan to do.


Develop deeper relationships with the places you frequent by becoming their Fwd Vü customer.


Invite new businesses to “pick up” commitments that you intend to give them.


Share your commitments with friends


Feel good about spending money where you do!


Become a VIP wherever you shop regularly.



Share your Vü.  Let your favorite merchants know how committed you are!  And if they're not there.... ᅠinvite them!

Go beyond the like!

Helping out my favorite merchants was never so much fun



Build your community with ours

At is core, Fwd Vü is a community of people devoted to supporting one another through acts of humanity. Supporting no-profits through collaborative commerce is central to our mission, and Fwd Vü makes it easy to rally the support of your members – and attract new ones – through their commitments to businesses they love.


Fwd Vü members can chose to direct some or all of the benefits they receive through their commitments to the nonprofit of their choice.

Nonprofits can help their members increase their contribution to a cause by bundling together commitments across multiple supporters.


Nonprofits can work directly with businesses who want to direct a portion of their profits or sales to community organizations.


Your supporters and members know in their hearts the meaning of commitment to an ideal, and to dealing with one another with humanity and support.

Committed to truth in numbers.

“Our next company had to be of real value. Not harmless or neutral, but truly beneficial, even radical. Let’s be innovators in what comes next, and let’s make sure it’s truly useful.”

After decades of working in the advertising, finance and emerging technology industries, our team saw the opportunity to reshape how the world conducts commerce.  It’s simple and yet profound.


We ask – “If mobile, social and advertising technologies enabled us to act more human – what would that look like?”  We’re committed to listening to each other and working together.


We’re looking for more great people!


Want to join a team of people who develop lasting value through radical ideas? We’d love the opportunity to meet great people who are interested in making the world a better place.


   We are currently seeking:


   Copywriter and Editor

Real Brotherly Love.

Fwd was founded, and is headquartered in, Bryn Athyn, PA.  Located just outside of Philadelphia, Bryn Athyn has a history infused with the greatest industrialists of our time.  We feel right at home here bringing our revolutionary platform to life.


Feel free to contact us at:


Fwd Inc

1800 Byberry Rd, Ste 1402

PO Box 556

Bryn Athyn PA,  19009-0556


We actually do answer our own phone:





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